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Styling advice from Harris and Zei founder Nahid on adding creative flair to your classic suits and outfits.


“A suit is a piece of sartorial armour that can serve a man through every battle and triumph he faces – from bar to boardroom”

— Jeremy Langmead


A stylish mid-grey suit can see you through any occasion. It works in the office, it works in the bar afterwards. It ensures you’re never knowingly under or overdressed; but does it make you stand out? If you’re looking to add some creative flair to your favourite classic suit, Harris and Zei founder Nahid shares his styling tips below:

Get colourful

Adding a flash of colour is a key way to inject some personality into your suit. Think more Usher than Noel Fielding; less is often more. Start with solid-coloured socks, for example pairing steel blue or scarlet socks with your mid-grey two-piece. Ties are also a great opportunity to get creative; florals are a key trend for Spring/Summer 15 or experiment with traditional spots or stripes.

Embrace pattern

Explore contrasting patterns to elevate your favourite suit, from a classic Liberty print to a modern geometric design. Go all-out with a patterned shirt, or add a subtle twist with a pocket square; whatever feels most comfortable for you. If you find a fabric you particularly love, we can create a bespoke shirt with your choice of material and details; a unique way to stand out from the crowd.

Mix and match

An eye-catching watch strap can add personality to your outfit, such as the classic Swiss Mondaine, or dress up your shirt with some eye-catching cufflinks; Mr Porter has a great selection. I particularly like Paul Smith’s quirky designs and they’re just subtle enough to work in the boardroom as well as the bar; even the toy rockets. Spectacles and sunglasses are also an easy way to stand out; add a playful twist with modern frames or vintage-inspired aviators.

Best foot forward

Pairing your suit and shoes requires some precision, but a smart pair of brogues is often a solid option. These wing-tips from Grenson will last a lifetime and help you look seriously sharp in the process. Or slip on a pair of Burberry Prorsums for your commute and get some real attention.

So there you have it; Nahid’s short but sweet run-down of the key ways to style your classic suit. Do you have any go-to brands or accessories for elevating your classic suits and office outfits? Share your tips on Twitter @HarrisAndZei or in the comments box below.